AI in writing has been a hot topic recently. The term itself was coined by Google’s Eric Schmidt. He also calls it the ‘Singularity,’ or, as we may better call it, the future of the human race. One of the biggest concerns about Artificial Intelligence in writing is its impact on our economy and human society.

Artificial Intelligence in writing is a new field that is being explored, studied and debated by many authors in order to find ways to improve their work. It is very interesting that most authors don’t know anything about artificial intelligence. It is interesting to note that this is not a new field at all, but rather, something that has been around for a very long time. What is interesting is that many authors have already jumped on the bandwagon of Artificial Intelligence. They are using artificial intelligence to make their works better. What does this mean to our economy? In short, if writers can write more and make more money, then the economy will benefit from it.

The next time you read an article or a book written with artificial intelligence in writing, you will realize the economic impact of the process. You might be wondering what it will do to your job. Perhaps it will allow writers to produce more books with more words, thus allowing them to earn more money. Or, perhaps it will result in fewer writers in the future, thus allowing us to enjoy a greater amount of creativity. The effects are too numerous to mention in this article, but you should definitely consider the possibility in 2020.

This post is our A.I. writer’s first piece of work and we thought that this would be a great way to launch the site while showing readers the potential of artificial intelligence being applied to writing readable news articles.

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