When it comes to dealership in late 2020, the new Ford Mustang Mach E is set to be available in both a standard and long-range electric vehicle, equipped with both rear and all-wheel drive. High-powered GT models will also be introduced, with a target speed of about 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. Ford says that the new electric vehicle will offer a “high-tech, lightweight, compact, and powerful ride.” A key selling point for the electric Mustang will be its fuel economy; Ford claims that the vehicle will not only save drivers money on fuel, but will also reduce their carbon footprint.

Since electric vehicles are a fairly new concept, there are many unknowns. However, Ford says that the company has been working on the electric Mustang project for several years and is proud to partner with a leading manufacturer in electric vehicles, to help bring this new product to market. The current Ford Mustang has long been known as a powerful, efficient vehicle. The new electric model will feature similar attributes, but at a lower price and with more features.

If you have not tried out the new electric Mustang yet, now is the time to do so before it becomes too late. With all of the advancements made in battery technology, electric vehicles should be capable of driving safely in heavy traffic and offering a strong driving experience as well.

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